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Kent & South East London

RO: Sean Smallman
ARO: Stuart Watson
Region Email: kent.sel@tipec.net

Hi! I’m Stuart Watson the Assistant Regional Organiser (A.R.O.). A few short years ago I returned to Porsche ownership and was desperate for help, support and general Porsche camaraderie. I’m so pleased that I joined The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club and found such a warm welcome at our region. It was a big step for me as I’ve always resisted clubs. I’ve made some great friends through the club and saved a fortune with the help and advice I’ve received. I’d like to be able to get to all meetings and all events, but none of us can do it all. There is absolutely no pressure to do everything. If there are things you’d like to see on our calendar, just let us know.

Our Monthly Regional Meetings

Our monthly meetings are held on the 1st MONDAY of the month from 7:00pm:-

Our Monthly Meeting Venue The Moat, London Road, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN157RJ


The Moat, Wrotham
Welcome to our region. We are an active group which aims to hold regular driving and other events, throughout the year. If you’re new to the region or are just looking to check us out, we’d encourage you to overcome any natural apprehension and make contact. The first event or meeting is always the most difficult, but we can almost guarantee that if you take that step, within a very short time, it will feel like home. We all look forward to meeting you.

Click CALENDAR to see our Events

(Once in Calendar, use the search field and type in ‘Kent’ to view only this Regions events. You can also click on a link in the ‘event’ and save it directly to your own ‘Google Calendar’) In fact, you can contact any region if you see something you’d like to do, which is in another area. All the contact details are in All Torque or on their regional page.

News and Information

All Torque’ the club magazine

The club magazine is great. It’s totally portable and doesn’t require batteries or a wifi signal, so you can read it anywhere. It’s also worth remembering that the Editor is always on the look out for your good and interesting Porsche related stories with photo’s. It may be a road trip, Porsche rebuild, or a club event. If you have a story to share, send it over to Tony – details are in the magazine.

Drives Out.  

These regional events are a great way to enjoy your Porsche and are enjoyed by an ever increasing number of members.  These can be as simple as meeting up somewhere and then going for a drive of an hour or so.  Usually preceeded by, or followed by an optional breakfast / coffee.  Through to having a couple of days away, touring somewhere.  Driving events are posted in the calendar section of this website, on our regional Facebook page (in the events section), and they are emailed to every single regional member in our monthly newsletter.  No-one is given preferential treatment, but some locations do have limits on the number of people or cars, so get in early if advanced numbers are required to avoid disappointment.  The routes we use will be published in advance and if you are a Garmin or Porsche Roads App user this will include turn by turn navigation.  As Porsche Enthusiasts, there is little more satisfying than travelling with like minded drivers between locations.  Set off at braodly the same time, follow the route provided by which ever method is best for you and meet up at the other end.  If you prefer to, you can join in or leave the drive anywhere along the route.  It’s a drive out for your enjoyment, stay safe, be courteous and set a good example.    

Car Displays / Track Days / National Events   

Our regional calendar is full of a variety of events including Car Displays, Porsche Main Dealer and Porsche Specialist visits.  Regional displays and shows are almost always subject to limited numbers.  Details are published well in advance in our monthly newsletter, so be sure to read it carefully and save it somewhere that you can glance back at it.  

The details of Track Days, and other National Events, appear well in advance in the club magazine ‘All Torque’.  This will also include details of where to obtain any booking information and, if they apply, any discount codes.  If you want to enjoy any of these events, you’d be advised to make a decision as early as possible, then commit by booking and paying to secure your place.  Remember, we are a national club, run by volunteers in their spare time all offers of assistance are appreciated and will help you get more out of your day and your club.    


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