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The Porsche Enthusiasts Club

Who We Are

The Porsche Enthusiasts Club is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts – like-minded people who are passionate about the Porsche marque. The club is independent of the Porsche factory and dealer network. We cater for the entire range of models and also welcome owners of replicas. The Club is dedicated to keeping the cost of owning and running a Porsche down to a minimum.

Club Spirit and Ethos

We like to think that we serve our membership in a way of which Ferdinand Porsche would have approved. He developed his first sports car pulling on all his pioneering knowledge of engineering; a brilliant and innovative Engineer with a passion driving him to develop a practical, inexpensive and long-lived sports car. Our members come from all walks of life and we warmly welcome everyone equally. Whether you drive a 1978 924 or the latest model 992, we are pleased to share your passion for a name synonymous with sheer driving pleasure. You don’t even have to own a Porsche to be a true Porsche Enthusiast! Come along and become part of the family.

All Torque – The Club Magazine

All Torque is published bi-monthly and contains glossy features on our members’ cars, FAQs on maintaining your Porsche and news and views from across the marque. All Torque is free to all members. We showcase a selection of recent All Torque magazines below.

October 2022

Kent & SE London’s German tour. South Central’s big trip to the Alps. Cheshire & Staffs have a glorious weekend at Tatton.

December 2022

Open day at the Sam Lander Porsche workshop. Porsches on the Park in Shropshire. West Country visit to Appledore lifeboat station.

February 2023

Isle of Mann tour. Mystery of the Porsche company’s missing founder! Steve Gaskin on organising a club drive out.


Where we are

The club has 22 regions across the country – there is bound to be a club region near you. Have a look on our Regions page to see where they meet and get in touch.  The club is very active on social media and you can find us all over Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Many thanks for providing this valuation so quickly and in the way that you have (both compiling the certificate outlining key features and pics for the insurer, as well as positive value assessment).
I do appreciate the effort and time this no doubt takes you and the speed at which you’ve done it.
Tom B

Bristol Region

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